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Hello Fellow Gamer!

Thanks for taking a moment between storming the castle and waging war with those ugly orcs, to allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re gamers just like you. When we’re not gaming, we’re watching videos about gaming, scheduling a meetup with gamers, or wishing we were gaming.

In 2013, we began as an online retailer, using Amazon, eBay and Geek Market on BoardGameGeek. We became members of GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association), going to trade shows and meeting the game producers and designers. We are immersed in the gaming industry.

In 2016, we created Ocala Gaming Group to develop a local friendly gaming community in our home town, Ocala, where we grew our meetup to over 200 people in a little over a year. Among the group, we’ve met some really wonderful folks and found lasting friendships.

But our dream of sharing our love of gaming continues to grow.

Meeple Movers was born from our desire to offer the Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) experience online, providing better customer service than the large game retailers and big box stores. We are lifelong gamers who love the hobby, the people and the relationships that are built over the roll of the dice, or shuffling of cards.

Our promise to you is to offer superior customer service, free shipping and a place to connect with fellow gamers - with reviews, blog posts, industry news and more. Along with each of our listings, you’ll find pictures and descriptions that are more than just the side of the box - they tell the story of the game. You’ll find a “how to play” video for nearly every item. We want to make it easy for you to grab a game, gather your family or friends, and play.

Got questions - we’ve got the answer or we’ll find it. Need a replacement part - we’ve got you covered. Not clear on a rule? Call us, we love to talk games!

Here are the ways to connect with us…
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or call 352-572-5637 (this is Jon's personal cell phone!)

See you at the table!

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