The North Sea Runesaga

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There’s a battle brewing for ultimate Chieftain and it’s going to be epic. From building mighty longships and raiding nearby settlements, to navigating the wild seas, there are new horizons to discover, waiting just for you.

Players will be competing in an epic battle to collect the most runestones and earn the highly coveted title of Chieftain. Set for 2-4 Vikings (players), Runesaga will progress through each chapter of the North Sea Saga - Raiders, Explorers and Shipwrights.

Runesaga uses deck/pool building, set collection and variable player powers as mechanics for this awesome Trilogy. Note: Raiders of the North Sea, Explorers of the North Sea and Shipwrights of the North Sea are all required to play Runesaga.

Players: 2-4
Recommended Age: 12+
Playtime in minutes: 180-240


  • 4 Clan Boards
  • 21 Runestones
  • 2 Runestone Boards
  • 1 Illustrated Rulebook

Bonus Content:

  • 16 Cards for Shipwrights
  • 22 Cards for Raiders
  • 2 Signed Collector Prints
  • 3 Box Art Prints


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