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  • Arcadia Quest: Anvil and Valma

    Any good band of warriors should have a dwarf on their squad. Anvil is one of the most talented weapon masters in the land. He's so skilled he can even improve the quality of his teammates' weapons, allowing them to roll extra dice in battle. Valma is a...
  • Arcadia Quest: Leeroy

    Leeroy is known for his startling, epic charges. Monsters are often so stunned that they simply drop their defenses. Leeroy never quite understood the need for advanced tactics and battle strategies. The objective is to fight, right? So why wait?...
  • Arcadia Quest: Mamba & Rosh

    Due to her reptilian nature, Mamba lived a solitary existence for most of her life. She's tried to make friends, but the people of Arcadia have a deep seeded fear of snakes. That is until they started being attacked. Now even snake-like beings are...
  • Arcadia Quest: Pet Pack 2

    Arcadia Quest: Pet Pack 2

    A good pet can brighten your day and make you feel on top of the world. They are like kids, friends and constant companions. The Arcadia Quest: Pets Pack 2 adds three new animal companions that will make any player's campaigns wilder and more fun...
  • Arcadia Quest: Tiaret and Mittens

    CMNAQ015 Tiaret And Mittens Arcadia Quest Miniatures CMoNTiaret and Mittens are part of the savage kitty folk from the distant savannahs.Expert hunters and assassins, they would not be left out of the great monster hunt taking place in Arcadia.Contents:1...
  • Arcadia Quest: Viola and Crash

    Viola and Crash are Demons that formally worked for The Underlord, but they've decided to turncoat and fight with the Arcadians. Crash got tired of the bureaucratic aspects of being an up and coming Demon and decided that the Arcadians offered him the...
  • Arcadia Quest: Yona and Kuruk

    Yona is an ancient mystic skilled in the art of raising heroes from the dead. Trained by the distant Kodak tribe, she has traveled to Arcadia with her friend, Kuruk, to see their famous architecture, but instead they came to find a city besieged. Kuruk...
  • Arcadia Quest: Yun

    Yun wrote the book on Relentless Combat Techniques. No, seriously. That's the title. Yun's amazing reflexes and two-weapon technique give him an edge over any monster, but it's his endurance that truly sets him apart. When anyone else would ask for a...